int id,
 string site_id,
 string MSG,
 bool Immediate=false,
 string eventName="USER_INFO"

The method sends an e-mail message with the user preferences using the template USER_INFO. Non-static method.


ParameterDescription Available from version
id User ID.
site_id Site ID for email template. Prior to version 3.3.21 it was called lang.
MSG Custom message text (#MESSAGE#).
Immediate By default value is false. If true is passed, the email will be send immediately, without a record in the database.
eventName Parameter that passes the type of sent messages.

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Examples of use

$USER_ID = 1;
// send message to a user with ID=1, 
// using current site template
CUser::SendUserInfo($USER_ID, SITE_ID, "Hello! You have successfully registered at our website!");

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