string login,
 string checkword,
 string password,
 string site_id = SITE_ID, 
 string captcha_word = "", 
 string captcha_sid = 0, 
 string authActions = true

The method modifies the user password and then calls CUser::SendUserInfo, which in its turn sends the e-mail message using the template USER_INFO. Returns an array containing the result message information. The array returned may be further processed by ShowMessage method. Non-static method.


ParameterDescription Available from version
login user login.
checkword Check string used to change the password.
password New password.
CONFIRM_PASSWORD Password confirmation (to successfully change the password, the parameter must match with the new_password).
site_id Site ID for the USER_INFO mail template to send notifications.
Optional parameter. By default - current site.
captcha_word Word in CAPTCHA, if corresponding CAPTCHA option is enabled.
captcha_sid CAPTCHA identifier, if corresponding CAPTCHA option is enabled.
authActions Allows user authorization after password has changed. By default value is true, which means user authorization is denied.

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Examples of use

global $USER;
$arResult = $USER->ChangePassword("admin", "WRD45GT", "123456", "123456");
if($arResult["TYPE"] == "OK") echo "Password has been changed successfully.";
else ShowMessage($arResult);

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