CDBResult CUser::GetExternalAuthList();

The method returns a list of all external authorization sources. You can define your own external authorization source by setting the OnExternalAuthList event handler. Non-static method.

Returns value

CDBResult class object is returned, each record of which consists of two fields: ID - external source ID, NAME - external source name.

See Also

Examples of use

$rExtAuth = CUser::GetExternalAuthList();
if($arExtAuth = $rExtAuth->GetNext()):
?><select name="EXTERNAL_AUTH_ID">
<option value="">(internal auth)</option>
<option value="<?=$arExtAuth['ID']?>"<?
if($str_EXTERNAL_AUTH_ID==$arExtAuth['ID']) echo ' selected';
<?}while($arExtAuth = $rExtAuth->GetNext());?>

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