Class for displaying user field values.

Class Bitrix\Rpa\UserField\Display is used within process. When user field values must be displayed for several processes, use a separate instance for each process.


Method Description Available from version
public function __construct(UserFieldCollection $userFieldCollection, array $values = []) Constructor.
  • $userFieldCollection - collection of fields;
  • array has format as follow: key - item ID, value - array of user field values for this item.
public function addValues(int $itemId, array $values): Display Methods allows adding field values $values for item $itemId.

Returns $this

public function getAllValues(): array Method returns set of printed values in the format as follows: key - element ID, value - set of displayed values.
public function getValues(int $itemId): ?array Method returns set of displayed item $itemId values. When values were not added for this item, the method returns null.
public function getValue(int $itemId, string $fieldName): ?string Method returns displayed field value $fieldName of item $itemId.

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