Descendant to Bitrix\Rpa\Command update items.

Chain of inheritance

Bitrix\Rpa\Command\Update extends Bitrix\Rpa\Command


Has all base class methods. The following methods are defined in this descendant:

  • checkAccess
  • checkStage
  • saveToHistory saving to history is performed only when item is successfully modified
Method Description Available from version
public function checkTasks(): Result Method launches tasks launched for this item.

When item has a task and it can be completed automatically the task will be completed. In this case the method checkmarks a command termination flag and further execution will be terminated.

When item has incomplete tasks and they are assigned to a user who launched the command, the method adds the error with code RPA_ITEM_USER_HAS_TASKS.

When item has incomplete tasks, but they are assigned to other users, the method adds the error with code RPA_ITEM_TASKS_NOT_COMPLETED.

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