Frame class writes the complete page content into cache, with preliminary removing dynamic content from it. Also, implements Javascript code, that will be executing composite AJAX request.

Queries the following namespace:

Class downloads language phrases for current script: \Bitrix\Main\Localization\Loc::loadMessages(__FILE__).

Method Description Available from version
getUseAppCache Gets parameters for enabling AppCache.
getUseHTMLCache Gets parameters for enabling HTMLCache.
getInstance Returns its own method instance.
isAjaxRequest Returns true when current query is initialized by AJAX.
isEnabled Gets parameters for enabling composite mode.
setEnable Sets isEnabled property values and adds the required handlers.
setUseAppCache Sets properties for the used AppCache.
setUseHTMLCache Sets properties for the used HTML cache.
getAutoUpdate Gets parameters for.
getAutoUpdateTTL Gets cache autoupdate TTL.
isBannerEnabled Returns true when banner must be added to the page.
setAutoUpdate Sets cache autoupdate parameters.
setAutoUpdateTTL Sets cache autoupdate TTL.

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