Access permissions

The Main module version 20.0.1200 adds API handling new access permissions.

The library is designed to simplify and streamline handling of user access permissions in modules.


UserAuthenticated user. Must have unique idenfier (id).
User groupCollection of users, provided by the module: administrators, employees and etc.
Access codeCollection of users unified by a specific criteria. For example: users, as members in a specific workgroup; department members and etc. Provided by the main module and stored in the table b_user_access.
ActionAction (operation), performed by user. For example: saving of an entry.
PermissionSpecific access permission, provided to a user. For example: editing of one's record/entries or editing of all records.
Access permissionSet of logic for granting permissions to a user as well as other factors, permitting/denying execution of selected action.
RoleAssociation between access codes and selected access permissions.

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