StaticHtmlCache class is used to write composite pages into cache. Writes separately into file system and into memcached. The class is not used directly by developers.

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Method Description Available from version
Constructor Creates new instance of cache manager.
markNonCacheable Cancels the current page as uncacheable.
isCacheable Returns true when the current request can be cached.
getStaticHtmlStorage Returns instance of \Bitrix\Main\Data\StaticHtmlStorage.
getInstance Returns the current instance of the class StaticHtmlCache.
convertUriToPath Converts a query URL to the saved file wtih .html extension.
delete Deletes cache.
deleteAll Deletes all cache from storage.
exists Returns true when cache exists.
getMd5 Returns md5 of cache.
read Returns cache content.
write Writes content to cache
getCacheKey Returns cache key.
getLastModified Returns time when cache was last modified.

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