Context includes methods used to handle information about the current query: type, parameters and their values .

When initialized, creates context - a HttpContext object that stores information about the query as a container: query parameters, server environment, bitrix environment (language, site id), response to query. This means, that it is a modifiable portion that depends on the current hit.

Queries the following namespace:

To get the context of the current hit, execute the following:

$context = Application::getInstance()->getContext();
// Or more brief form:
$context = Context::getCurrent();


$request = $context->getRequest(); // Request object
$server = $context->getServer();   // Server object
$siteId = $context->getSite();     // Current site ID ("s1")
$langId = $context->getLanguage(); // Current language ID ("en")
Method Description Available from version
Constructor Creates a new context instance
getApplication Returns a back link for the application
getCulture Returns regional and cultural settings for a context.
getCurrent Returns the current instance of context.
getLanguage Returns the current language layout.
getRequest Returns the requested context object.
getResponse Returns an object of context response.
getServer Returns server object of context.
getSite Returns the current site.
initialize Initializes context by query or object response.
setCulture Sets regional and cultural settings for context.
setLanguage Set a context language.
setSite Sets site for context.

Find additional details about context here.

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