DB namespace for classes operating with the database

Class Description Available from version
SqlQueryException Class for handling exceptions, when database returns error when executing a query.
SqlHelper Abstract class for handling a database
SqlExpression Class for defining arbitrary SQL expressions when handling ORM filter
Result Abstract class for handling data in a result.
Paginator Pagination class (pagewise navigation).
OracleSqlHelper Class for handling Oracle database.
OracleResult Class for handling data, retrieved via query.
OracleConnection Class for connections with Oracle database
MysqlSqlHelper Class for handling MySQL database
MysqliSqlHelper Class for handling MySQLi database
MysqliResult Class for handling data, retrieved via query to MySQLi database
MysqlConnection Class for connections to MySQL database.
MysqlCommonSqlHelper Abstract class for handling database.
MysqlCommonConnection Abstract class for database connections.
MssqlSqlHelper Class for handling MySQL database.
MssqlResult Class for handling data, retrieved via query.
MssqlConnection Class for handling MS SQL database connections.
Exception Class for handling database-related exceptions.
DbConnectionPool Class for handling database connection caching.
ConnectionException Class for handling connection errors.
Connection Abstract class for database connections.
ArrayResult Class for handling array with data, retrieved via query.

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