Class of methods that define condition tree. Examples of methods use can be found in the Bitrix Framework learning course.

Method Description Available from version
addCondition Adds a prepared condition.
getConditions Returns all conditions and subfilters.
hasConditions Checks if filter is empty
logic Sets all conditions.
negative Sets negation (NOT) for all conditions
where Sets general conditions.
whereBetween Sets condition between BETWEEN.
whereColumn Has the same logic as the where, but the value will be sourced from another column.
whereExists Sets condition Exists.
whereIn Sets condition IN.
whereLike Sets condition LIKE, without indicating % by default
whereMatch Sets condition for full-text search.
whereNot Sets negation for any conditions and subfilters.
whereNotBetween Sets negation condition BETWEEN.
whereNotExists Sets negation condition Exists.
whereNotIn Sets negation condition IN.
whereNotLike Sets negation condition LIKE, without indicating % by default.
whereNotMatch Sets negation condition for full-text search.
whereNotNull Compares column with NOT NULL.
whereNull Compares column with NULL.
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