OracleSqlHelper - class is used to handle the Oracle database, with specific methods to generate SQL queries, inheriting Bitrix\Main\DB\SqlHelper. They help create a query without handling syntax of specific database.

Queries the following namespaces:

Returns instance of a descendant from code>Entity\ScalarField that matches database type.
Method Description Available from version
quote Returns quoted ID. 14.0.6
castToChar Returns CAST expression for converted field or string expression. 16.0.10
prepareMerge Builds strings for SQL MERGE command. 15.5.0
getTopSql Transforms query according to specified limits and offsets. 14.0.0
getRightQuote Returns an identificator escaping right character. 14.0.0
getLeftQuote Returns an identificator escaping left character. 14.0.0
getQueryDelimiter Returns database-specific query delimiter for batch processing.
getLengthFunction Returns SQL function for getting length of database field or statement.
getIsNullFunction Returns SQL function for testing database field or expressions against NULL value.
getDescendingOrder Returns descending order specified for ORDER BY clause. 14.5.0
getDateToCharFunction Returns SQL function for converting database fields and statements into string. 14.0.18
getDatetimeToDateFunction Returns SQL function for passing $value datetime database type.
getCurrentDateTimeFunction Returns SQL function for getting current datetime.
getCurrentDateFunction Returns SQL function for getting date without time.
getConverter Returns callback to be called for a field value on fetch. 15.0.1
getConcatFunction Returns SQL function for concatenating database fields or expressions.
getColumnTypeByField Returns column type according to ScalarField object. 14.5.2
getCharToDateFunction Returns SQL function for converting string value into datetime. 14.0.18
getAscendingOrder Returns ascending order specified for ORDER BY clause. 14.5.0
getAliasLength Returns maximum length of an alias in a select statement. 14.5.3
forSql Escapes special characters in a string for use in an SQL statement.
formatDate Returns database expression for converting $field value according the $format. 14.0.0
convertToDb Converts values to the string according to the column type to use it in a SQL query. 14.5.2
convertTextField Converts lob object into string. 15.0.1
convertStringField Converts string into object \Bitrix\Main\Type\Date if string has datetime specific format. 15.0.1
convertDatetimeField Converts string into object \Bitrix\Main\Type\DateTime 15.0.1
addSecondsToDateTime Returns SQL function for adding seconds time interval to $from 14.0.0
softCastTextToChar Returns expression for text field used for groups and sorting. 16.5.4

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