MysqlCommonConnection abstract class used for database connections. Extension to the class \Main\DB\Connection.

Queries the following namespace:

Method Description Available from version
Constructor Creates new connection. 14.9.4
startTransaction Starts new database transaction.
setStorageEngine Sets default settings for storage engine. 14.9.4
selectDatabase Selects the default database for database queries.
rollbackTransaction Rollbacks started database transaction.
renameTable Renames the table.
isTableExists Checks if a table exists.
isIndexExists Checks if an index exists.
getTableFields Returns fields objects according to the columns of a table. 14.5.2
getIndexName Returns an index name.
dropTable Deletes (drops) a table 14.5.1
createIndex Creates an index of column(s). 14.9.4
commitTransaction Commits started database transaction.

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