CurrencyRateTable class handles currency rate table.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
getMapReturns list of fields for currency rate table.
getTableNameReturns database name of currency rate table.
validateCurrencyReturns validator for the field CURRENCY.

Currency grate fields

Field Description Type Req.
ID Rate identifier.Int Yes
CURRENCY Currency code.Сhar(3) Yes
DATE_RATE Date without time at which the rate is set.Date Yes
RATE_CNT Number of currency units participating in generating of currency rate.Int Yes
RATE Currency rate. Decimal (18,4) Yes
DATE_CREATE Date when record entry is created. Datetime Yes
CREATED_BY User code who created the record. Int Yes
MODIFIED_BY Who modified the currency rate.Int No
TIMESTAMP_X Date when currency rate was updated.Datetime No
BASE_CURRENCY Base currency. Сhar(3) Yes

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