Currencies in the old core


List of Currency module classes in the old core

ClassDescription Available from version
[link=9207203]CCurrency[/link]Class for managing currencies: adding, deleting, enumeration.
[link=9207215]CCurrencyLang[/link]Class for managing language-dependent currency values (name, format and etc.)
[link=9207215]CCurrencyRates[/link]Class for managing currency values: saving, converting and etc.


List of Currency module events in the old core

Event Called Method Available from version
OnBeforeCurrencyAdd before adding currency. CCurrency::Add
OnCurrencyAddwhen new currency is added. CCurrency::Add
OnBeforeCurrencyUpdate before updating existing currency. CCurrency::Update
OnCurrencyUpdatewhen updating the currency. CCurrency::Update
OnBeforeCurrencyDeletebefore deleting the currency. CCurrency::Delete
OnCurrencyDelete when deleting existing currency. CCurrency::Delete
CurrencyFormatwhen formatting currency. CCurrencyLang::CurrencyFormat
OnBeforeCurrencyRateAddbefore adding a currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Add
OnCurrencyRateAddwhen successfully adding new currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Add
OnBeforeCurrencyRateUpdate before updating existing currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Update
OnCurrencyRateUpdate when successfully updating currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Update
OnBeforeCurrencyRateDelete before deleting a currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Delete
OnCurrencyRateDelete when deleting existing currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Delete


List of the Currency module functions in the old core

Class Description Available from version
CurrencyFormatFormats the 'price' according to the formatting rules for currency on the current language.
CurrencyFormatNumberFormats price according to the currency settings for the current language without using template.

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