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Description and methods

CurrencyLangTable class is used for handling language-dependent currency parameters.

Inheritance chain

Descendant of class Bitrix\Main\ORM\Data\DataManager (before the Main module version 18.0.2 - class Bitrix\Main\Entity\DataManager).

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
getMapReturns list of fields for the table of language-dependent currency parameters.
getTableNameReturns name of table for language-dependent currency parameters.
validateCurrencyReturns validator for the field CURRENCY.
validateDecPoint Returns validator for the field DEC_POINT.
validateFormatStringReturns validator for the field FORMAT_STRING.
validateFullNameReturns validator for the field FULL_NAME.
validateLidReturns validator for the field LID.
validateThousandsSepReturns validator for the field THOUSANDS_SEP.
validateThousandsVariantReturns validator for the field THOUSANDS_VARIANT.

Fields of language-dependent currency parameters

Field Description Type Req.
CURRENCY Currency ID.Сhar(3) Yes
LID Language ID.Char(2) Yes
FORMAT_STRING String format for currency display.Varchar(50) Yes
FULL_NAME Name. Varchar(50) No
DEC_POINT Decimal point when displaying. Varchar(5) No
THOUSANDS_SEP Thousand separator when displaying. Varchar(5) No
DECIMALS Number of decimal points.Int Yes
THOUSANDS_VARIANT Preset variant of thousand separator or an attribute specifying customized separator.Char(1) No
HIDE_ZERO Hides non-significant zeros in the decimal part of price.Char(1) Yes
DATE_CREATE Date when record created. Datetime Yes
CREATED_BY User code who created record. Int Yes
MODIFIED_BY Who modified record.Int No
TIMESTAMP_X Date when record is modified.Datetime No

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