GroupTable table for connected site groups.

Class Description Available from version
getMap Returns list of fields with types.
getTableName Returns database table name for an entity.
validateCheckCounterSites Returns validators for the field CHECK_COUNTER_SITES.
validateCheckCounterFreeSpace Returns validators for the field CHECK_COUNTER_FREE_SPACE.
validateName Returns validators for the field NAME.
validateCheckCounterLastAuth Returns validators for the field CHECK_COUNTER_LAST_AUTH.
validateCheckCounterUsers Returns validators for the field CHECK_COUNTER_USERS.

Table with group of connected sites

Field Description Type Required
TIMESTAMP_X Date of recent parameter update.datetime Y
NAME Group name. varchar(255) Y
UPDATE_PERIOD Automatic counter update period. int Y
DISABLE_DEACTIVATED Field is not usedchar(1) N
DESCRIPTION Description.text N
MODIFIED_BY Modified by. int N
DATE_CREATE Created on. datetime Y
INSTALL_INFO Installation data.text N
UNINSTALL_INFO Uninstallation data. text N
INSTALL_PHP Code, executing at the connected site when this group is assigned. text N
UNINSTALL_PHP Code executed when switching groups.text N
TRIAL_PERIOD demo period time (in seconds). Manages the option ~controller_trial of the main N
COUNTER_UPDATE_PERIOD Counter update period. int N
CHECK_COUNTER_FREE_SPACE Update free space counter char(1) N
CHECK_COUNTER_SITES Update site counter.char(1) N
CHECK_COUNTER_USERS Update user counter.char(1) N
CHECK_COUNTER_LAST_AUTH Update recent authorization counter. char(1) N

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