AuthLogTable table for user actions log.

Class Description Available from version
getTableName Returns database table name for an entity.
validateUserName Returns validators for the field USER_NAME.
validateType Returns validators for the field TYPE.
logSiteToControllerAuth Logs controller authorization.
logControllerToSiteAuth Logs authorization at the site (from controller).
logSiteToSiteAuth Logs authorization between sites.
getMap Returns list of fields with types
isEnabled Returns true when logging is enabled.
cleanupAgent Deletes deprecated records.
setupAgent Adds agent function for log cleanup.

Action log table

Field Description Type Required
TIMESTAMP_X Timestamp.datetime N
FROM_CONTROLLER_MEMBER_ID Site ID for user who completed the action. int N
TO_CONTROLLER_MEMBER_ID Site ID with completed action. int N
TYPE Action type. varchar(50) N
STATUS Status. Y - action successful. N - action unsuccessful. char(1) N
USER_ID User ID who completed the action. int N
USER_NAME User name. varchar(255) N

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