Site controller in the old core


List of Site controller events in the old core

Event is Called MethodAvailable form version
OnAfterCloseMember After connecting managed site. CAllControllerMember::CloseMember 6.5.3
OnBeforeUpdateCounters Before updating site counters. Allows modifying updated counter code. Handler can pass custom fields for controller group. CAllControllerMember::UpdateCounters11.5.0
OnBeforeControllerMemberAdd Before adding a client. CControllerMember::CheckFields 12.5.0
OnBeforeControllerMemberUpdate Before updating a client. CControllerMember::CheckFields12.5.0
OnBeforeSendCheckAuth Used for modifying user fields, sent to connected site when authorising via controller. CControllerMember::CheckFields14.5.0
OnBeforeTaskAdd Before adding a task. CControllerTask::CheckFields15.5.0
OnBeforeSetGroupSettings Before setting group settings. CControllerMember::SetGroupSettings16.0.1

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