Description and parameters

 array file,
 string save_path,
 bool ForceMD5=false, 
 bool SkipExt=false,
 bool  checkDuplicates = true

The method saves a file and registers it in the file table (b_file). Static method.


Parameter Description Available fr om version
file Array of data in the following format:

    "name" => "file name",
    "size" => "size",
    "tmp_name" => "temporary path on server",
    "type" => "file type",
    "old_file" => "ID of old file",
    "del" => "flag (Y|N) specifying to delete existing file - any non-blank value",
    "MODULE_ID" => "module name",
    "description" => "file description",
    "content" => "file content. A file can be saved, with its content specified, not only an array, retrieved when loading by browser."
This type of array can be obtained, for example, by joining arrays $_FILES[field_name] и Array("del" => ${"field_name"."_del"}, "MODULE_ID" = "module_name");
save_path Path to folder storing the files (relative to /upload folder).
ForceMD5 Optional. Default value false.
SkipExt Optional. Default value false.
dirAdd 7.0.0
checkDuplicates Duplicate check. Optional. Default value true.

Returned value

The method returns numerical ID of file saved and registered in the system.

See Also

Examples of use

if (strlen($save)>0 && $REQUEST_METHOD=="POST")
    $arIMAGE = $_FILES["IMAGE_ID"];
    $z = $DB->Query("SEL ECT IMAGE_ID FR OM b_vote WHERE ID='$ID'", false, $err_mess.__LINE__);
    $zr = $z->Fetch();
    $arIMAGE["old_file"] = $zr["IMAGE_ID"];
    $arIMAGE["del"] = ${"IMAGE_ID_del"};
    $arIMAGE["MODULE_ID"] = "vote";
    if (strlen($arIMAGE["name"])>0 || strlen($arIMAGE["del"])>0) 
        $fid = CFile::SaveFile($arIMAGE, "vote");
        if (intval($fid)>0) $arFields["IMAGE_ID"] = intval($fid); 
        else $arFields["IMAGE_ID"] = "null";
        $DB->Update("b_vote",$arFields,"WH ERE ID='".$ID."'",$err_mess.__LINE__);

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