array CFile::ResizeImageGet( 
    mixed file, 
    array arSize, 
    const resizeType = BX_RESIZE_IMAGE_PROPORTIONAL, 
    bool bInitSizes = false, 
    array arFilters = false, 
    bool bImmediate = false, 
    bool jpgQuality = false

The method reduces the image and places the reduced copy into the /upload/resize_cache/path folder. Once the image is reduced, the resulting physical file that allows to avoid further operations of reducing image size in the next method calls. When calling the method again the method returns path to reduced file. Static method.


Parameter Description Available from version
file File ID from the b_file table or the file description array (Array(FILE_NAME, SUBDIR, WIDTH, HEIGHT, CONTENT_TYPE)), retrieved by the GetFileArray method.
Size Array in the Array("width"=>WIDTH, "height"=>HEIGHT) format with width and height values for the reduced image. Both keys are required.
resizeType Type of resizing:
  • BX_RESIZE_IMAGE_EXACT - resizes into the rectangle $arSize with retained proportions, cropping the rest;
  • BX_RESIZE_IMAGE_PROPORTIONAL - resizes the image with retained proportions, the size is limited by $arSize;
  • BX_RESIZE_IMAGE_PROPORTIONAL_ALT - resizes the image with retained proportions for width value. Additionally, maximum value of height/width is taken, the size is limited by $arSize; the processing of vertical images is improved.
InitSizes Flag that specifies if the modified image size data is returned in the resulting array. True - returns the size data, false - size data is not returned
Filters Array of arrays for post-processing of the image via the following filters: array(array("name" => "sharpen", "precision" => 15)). Presently, there is only one filter - sharpen. There is no requirement to specify it - it will be initialized automatically. It is used to increase sharpness for thumbnail pictures.
Immediate Flag is passed into the OnBeforeResizeImage event handler. It leads to resizing directly during the method call. Generally, the event handler can perform postponed resizing.
jpgQuality Number that specifies JPG quality during resizing. The higher the value, the higher the quality and larger size of image file.

Returned value

The method returns an array of the following type:

    'src',  // path to reduced image relative to site root.
    'width',  // If bInitSizes = true, the width of reduced image is specified, otherwise 0.
    'height',  // If bInitSizes = true, the height of reduced image is specified, otherwise 0.

Examples of use

//$uID - user ID
$uDBInfo = CUser::GetByID($uID);
if ($uInfo = $uDBInfo->GetNext())
            if ($uInfo['PERSONAL_PHOTO'])
                $file = CFile::ResizeImageGet($uInfo['PERSONAL_PHOTO'], array('width'=>150, 'height'=>150), BX_RESIZE_IMAGE_PROPORTIONAL, true);                
                $img = '<img src="'.$file['src'].'" width="'.$file['width'].'" height="'.$file['height'].'" />';
                $uInfo['PERSONAL_PHOTO'] = $img;
            $arResult['ITEMS'][$k]['USER_INFO'] = $uInfo;

Watermark can be applied as follows:

$arWaterMark = Array(
                "name" => "watermark",
                "position" => "bottomright", // Position
                "type" => "image",
                "size" => "real",
                "file" => $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/upload/copy.png', // Path to image
                "fill" => "exact",
        $arFileTmp = CFile::ResizeImageGet(
            array("width" => 250, "height" => 127),

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