Abstract class for types factory (abstract factory). This class stores coordination between type and its elements.


Method Description Available from version
abstract public function getTypeDataClass(): string; Returns FQN name for specific descendant class of item data manager.
abstract public function getItemPrototypeDataClass(): string; Returns FQN name for descendant class prototype item data manager
abstract public function getCode(): string; Returns string identifier for factory (for example, module ID).
public function getItemDataClass($type): string Returns class for type $type data manager.
public function getItemEntity($type): \Bitrix\Main\ORM\Entity Returns entity object for item data manager for type $type.
public function getItemParentClass(): string Returns parent ORM class for item objects.
public function getUserFieldEntityPrefix(): string Returns prefix for user fields.
public function getUserFieldEntityId(int $typeId): string Returns returns entity string ID for user fields.
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