Agreement class handles agreements.

List of methods

getTextReturns agreement text.
getLabelTextReturns title text.
getFieldsReturns array with agreement fields.
getFieldValuesReturns array with agreement field values.
getTypeNamesReturns array with type names.
__constructConstructor for class \Main\UserConsent\Agreement.
loadLoads agreement by its ID.
setReplaceReplaces data in agreement.
getErrorsReturns array with errors.
hasErrorsReturns true when errors occur.
getIdReturns agreement ID.
getDataReturns agreement text.
setDataSets agreement text.
mergeDataMerges agreement data.
saveSaves agreement data.
isExistReturns true when agreement exists.
isActiveReturns true when agreement is active.
getActiveListReturns array with active agreements.

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