PageNavigation class calculates limit for database query and uses other data sources for page navigation when viewing results.

Queries the namespace:

Method Description Available from version
addParams Returns URL with navigation parameters
allRecordsAllowed Returns true when all permitted entires are shown.
allRecordsShown Returns true when showing all entries on a single page.
clearParams Resets URL from navigation parameters and returns it.
getCurrentPage Returns number for current page.
getId Returns navigation ID
getLimit Returns number of entries at the current page.
getOffset Returns first entry offset for current page.
getPageCount Returns number of pages or 0 if no page entry exist.
getPageSize Returns page size.
getPageSizes Returns permitted page sizes.
getRecordCount Returns number of entries.
initFromUri Initializes navigation from URL.
setPageSizes Sets page sizes, available via UI.

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