EventMessageThemeCompiler is a message theme compiler.

Method Description Available from version
createInstance Creates a class instance.
execute Executes prolog, body and epilog.
getInstance Returns current class instance.
getLanguageId Returns language ID.
getResult Returns string type result, containing results from template replacement by values.
getSiteId Returns site ID.
getSiteTemplateId Returns site template ID.
getStyles Returns list of styles to be added into template.
getStylesString Returns styles as string to be added to template.
getThemeEpilog Returns theme epilog.
getThemeProlog Returns theme prolog.
includeComponent Connects email component.
includeThemeLang Connects language files from theme catalog.
setLanguageId Sets language site ID.
setParams Sets parameters to be used for placeholder replacement.
setSiteId Sets site ID.
setSiteTemplateId Sets site template ID.
setStyle Sets style.
setStyleArray Sets list of styles.
setThemeEpilog Sets theme epilog.
setThemeProlog Sets theme prolog.
showStyles Shows styles to be used in email template.
unsetInstance Resets current class instance.
Constructor Constructor.

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