ExceptionHandler - class-handler for exceptions.

Class Description Available from version
handleAssertion Creates and excludes object by its arguments.
handleError Creates and excludes object by its arguments.
handleException Writes information about exception into log and shows to the user
handleFatalError Prints error information from function error_get_last().
initialize Initializes error processing.
setAssertionErrorType Sets permitted error types for processing.
setAssertionThrowsException Sets, if exception is thrown by assertion.
setDebugMode Sets debugging mode.
setExceptionErrorsTypes Sets error types are thrown by exception.
setHandledErrorsTypes Sets error types to be processed.
setHandlerLog Sets, which registration object to used for writing.
setHandlerOutput Sets object used for showing error message to the user.
setIgnoreSilence Sets, if error is ignored when error_reporting() == 0.
setOverflowMemoryCatching Sets, if memory overflow errors are displayed.
writeToLog Writes exception data into log.
Constructor Called when creating class instance and allows perform actions to modify it when creating an object.

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