Information blocks in the old core


List of classes for Information block module in the old core

MethodDescription Available from version
CIBlock Class for handling information blocks.
CIBlockCMLExport Class for exporting iblock data in XML format.
CIBlockCMLImport Class for importing iblock data in XML format.
CIBlockElement Class for handling iblock elements.
CIBlockFormatProperties Converts date into a required format.
CIBlockProperty Class for handling iblock properties.
CIBlockPropertyEnum Class for handling "list" property value variants.
CIBlockResult Helper class for handling result objects.
CIBlockRSS Class for handling RSS feeds.
CIBlockSection Class for handling iblock groups.
CIBlockType Class for handling iblock types.
CIBlockXMLFile Class for handling XML files.
Custom properties Allows modifying the view (input form and etc.) for standard properties by expanding their features.
_CIBElement Helper class for handling elements.

Note: please, be advised, when using the methods, time inside the fields has the site format and time in properties has the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.


List of Information blocks module events in the old core

Eventis Called MethodAvailable from version
OnBeforeIBlockAdd before adding an iblock. CIBlock::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockAdd after adding an iblock. Add
OnBeforeIBlockUpdate before updating an Iblock. CIBlock::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockUpdate after updating an iblock. Update
OnBeforeIBlockDelete before deleting an iblock. Delete
OnIBlockDelete when deleting an iblock. Delete
OnBeforeIBlockPropertyAdd before adding a property. CIBlockProperty::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockPropertyAdd after adding a property. Add
OnBeforeIBlockPropertyUpdate before updating a property. CIBlockProperty::CheckFields
OnIBlockPropertyDelete when deleting a property. Delete
OnAfterIBlockPropertyUpdate after updating property. Update
OnBeforeIBlockPropertyDelete before deleting a property. Delete
OnIBlockPropertyBuildList when building a property list. GetUserType
OnBeforeIBlockSectionAdd before adding a section. CIBlockSection::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockSectionAdd after adding a section. Add
OnBeforeIBlockSectionUpdate before updating a section. CIBlockSection::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockSectionUpdate after updating a section. Update
OnBeforeIBlockSectionDelete before deleting a section. Delete
OnAfterIBlockSectionDelete after deleting a section. Delete
OnBeforeIBlockElementAdd before adding an element. CIBlockElement::CheckFields
OnStartIBlockElementAdd on starting to add an element. CIBlockElement::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockElementAdd after adding an element. Add
OnBeforeIBlockElementUpdate before updating an element. CIBlockElement::CheckFields
OnStartIBlockElementUpdate on starting to update an element. CIBlockElement::CheckFields
OnAfterIBlockElementUpdate after updating en element. Update
OnBeforeIBlockElementDelete before deleting an element. Delete
OnAfterIBlockElementDelete after deleting an element. Delete
OnIBlockElementDelete when deleting an Iblock element. Delete
OnBeforeEventLog before logging an entry. Update
OnSearchGetFileContent when searching a file. CIBlockElement::__GetFileContent
GetAuditTypesIblock when returning an event log description CEventIBlock::GetAuditTypes
OnAdminSubContextMenuShow similar to OnAdminContextMenuShow for SKU list CAdminSubContextMenu::Show
OnAdminSubListDisplay аналог OnAdminListDisplay для списка SKUCAdminSubList::Display
OnAfterIBlockElementSetPropertyValues after saving values for all element properties using the method CIBlockElement::SetPropertyValues. CIBlockElement::SetPropertyValues
OnAfterIBlockElementSetPropertyValuesEx after saving element property values using the method CIBlockElement::SetPropertyValuesEx.CIBlockElement::SetPropertyValuesEx
OnIBlockElementAdd and adding an Iblock element.CIBlockElement::Add
OnIBlockElementUpdate when updating an Iblock element. CIBlockElement::Update
OnIBlockElementSetPropertyValues when saving Iblock element properties.CIBlockElement::SetPropertyValues


List of Online Store in the old core

MethodDescriptionAvailable from version
GetIBlockList Returns list of iblocks by filter.
GetIBlock Returns iblock by specified iD.
GetIBlockElementListEx Returns list of elements by filter.
GetIBlockElementList Returns list of element from specified iblock.
GetIBlockElement Returns element by the specified ID.
GetIBlockSectionList Returns list of folders from specific iblock.
GetIBlockSection Returns section by the specified ID.
ImportXMLFile imports XML file to Iblock.


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