User properties

User properties for the information block module allow to modify the presentation (input forms and etc.) for standard properties and expand their features. Such property is a collection of event handlers, called when creating administrative interface, site public section and API functionality.

OnIBlockPropertyBuildList event handlers are called when using the user property methods. List of properties is built and property methods are called if required.

Examples of the properties specific implementation can be found in the classes/general/prop_*.php files for iblock module.

Class methods

Method Description Available from version
GetUserTypeDescription Gets user property description
GetUIFilterPropertyDescribes type of filter field
GetPublicEditHTMLMultyEdits multiple properties for public section
CheckFieldsChecks validity of property
GetLengthGets actual length of value
ConvertToDBSaves in database
ConvertFromDBConverts from database format
GetPropertyFieldHtmlReturns safe HTML for editing
GetAdminListViewHTMLShows in list
GetPublicViewHTMLShows in public section в
GetPublicEditHTMLEdits in public section
[link=202866]GetSearchContent[/link]Indexes values
PrepareSettingsSaves settings
GetSettingsHTMLEdits settings
GetPropertyFieldHtmlMultyPrints forms for editing multiple property. When unavailable, GetPropertyFieldHtml is used for each value separately (for multiple values).
GetAdminFilterHTMLPrints html for property filter on the Iblock element list at the admin page.
GetPublicFilterHTML Prints html for property filter on Iblock element list at the public page.
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