CIBlock - class for handling information blocks

Class methods

MethodDescriptionAvailable from version
GetListReturns list of iblocks by filter.
GetSiteReturns list of sites for an iblock.
GetByIDReturns iblock by its ID.
GetPropertiesReturns iblock properties.
GetPermissionGets access permission for current user.
AddAdds a new iblock.
AddPanelButtonsAdds buttons responsible for iblock elements control to panel.
UpdateUpdates an iblock.
DeleteDeletes an iblock.
SetPermissionSets access permissions to an iblock.
GetGroupPermissionsReturns all access permissions for an iblock.
ShowPanelAdds buttons for managing iblocks, groups and elements to a top panel.
GetArrayByIDReturns array with iblock [link=90637#fiblock]fields[/link].
SetMessagesSets values for an iblock [link=90637#fiblocklang]additional fields[/link].
GetMessagesReturns values for iblock [link=90637#fiblocklang]additional fields[/link].
GetPanelButtonsReturns array with description for set of buttons for managing iblock elements.
SetFieldsUpdates iblock field description.
GetFieldsReturns description for iblock element fields.
GetElementCountReturns number of iblock elements.
ResizePictureExecutes file resizing.
[link=15106842]isUniqueElementCode[/link]Verifies, if the element unique symbolic code requirement is enabled.
[link=15107534]isUniqueSectionCode[/link]Verifies, if the unique section code requirement is enabled.

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