The method checks if the current user is included into the specified groups. Static method.


Parameter Description
arGroups Array, that contains group IDs.

Returned value

Returns true, if the user is a member of the specified groups.

Examples of use

// Do not display detail image and description of the user is included into the group with ID=3
$arIBlockElement = false;
$arIBlockElement = GetIBlockElement($ID);
echo $arIBlockElement['NAME'].'
'; if ( !CSite::InGroup (array(3) ) ): echo $arIBlockElement['DETAIL_TEXT'].'
'; echo ShowImage($arIBlockElement['DETAIL_PICTURE'], 150, 150, 'border="0"', '', true); endif; ?>
// Display the name of information block if the user is included into the groups with ID = 4 and 5
if ( CSite::InGroup( array(4,5) ) ):
$res = CIBlock::GetByID($_GET["BID"]);
if($ar_res = $res->GetNext())
echo $ar_res['NAME'];

The check searches for the matсh with the groups with OR operator, i. e. according to this example:

if ( CSite::InGroup( array(4,5) ) ):

The user with the groups "4" or "5" will be included into the retrieved selection - including users that are members of both groups.

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