bool COption::SetOptionString(
 string module_id,
 string name,
 string value = "",
 mixed desc = false,
 string site = ""

The method sets the string value of the option_id parameter for the module_id. If site_id is specified, the parameter will be defined only for this site and will not affect the similar parameter of the other sites. Returns true on success, or false otherwise. Static method.


Parameter Description Available from versionNot used
module_id Module ID. Length not more than 50 symbols.
name Parameter ID. Length not more than 50 symbols.
value Parameter value.
Optional parameter. Empty by default. Maximum value length that can be saved - 2000 symbols.
desc Parameter description.
Optional parameter. False by default, which means no description.
site Site ID for which the parameter is the parameter is specified. Optional parameter. If set to false, the current site will be used (available from version 14.0). 5.0.6

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