Storage class for handling table with iblock indexes.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
addIndexEntryAdds new index entry
createCreates new index with iblock property values. Ensure that such index does not exist yet before calling this method.
deleteIndexElementDeletes all entries for element from index.
dropDeletes existing index from database. Ensure that such index exist before calling this method.
facetIdToPriceIdConverts facet internal ID to a catalog price ID.
facetIdToPropertyIdConverts facet internal ID to a iblock property ID.
getIblockIdReturns iblock ID.
getLastStoredElementIdReturns the latest stored element ID.
getTableNameReturns name of table with database for storage property index. Internal method.
isExistsChecks if a specific property index exists.
isPriceIdReturns true, if specified identifier is catalog price ID.
isPropertyIdReturns true, if specified ID belongs to existing iblock property ID.
priceIdToFacetIdConverts price ID into an internal facet ID.
propertyIdToFacetIdConverts iblock property ID into an internal facet ID.

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