Manager class for managing indexes.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
checkAdminNotificationAdds notification for users in Administrators group about necessity to re-create index.
createIndexerCreates and initializes new instance of class PropertyIndex\Indexer.
deleteElementIndexDeletes all information, associated with an element, if index exists.
disableDeferredIndexingDisables deferred indexing.
deleteIndexDeletes index and marks iblock as not having an index.
dropIfExistsDeletes all tables, associated with a specified iblock index from database.
enableDeferredIndexingEnables deferred indexing.
markAsInvalidMarks iblock as requiring re-indexing.
resolveElementWhen passing quote ID, method returns matching product ID. Otherwise, method returns target $elementId.
resolveIblockWhen passing quote iblock ID, method returns matching product iblock. Otherwise, method returns target $iblockId.
runDeferredIndexingUpdates iblock index, if data for deferred indexing is available.
updateElementIndexUpdates all information, associated with an element, if index is available.
usedDeferredIndexingReturns true, when deferred indexing is allowed. Otherwise, returns false.

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