DealSettings class responsible for Other settings for Deals.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
enableCloseDateSyncEnables synchronization with "Closed date" field.
enableProductRowExportEnables product export by rows.
getCurrentMethod gets a current instance.
getDefaultListViewIDGets list of deals as IDs.
getOpenedFlagGets flag for "Accessible to all (default)" settings.
getViewDescriptionsGets descriptions for deal list, supported in current context.
isCloseDateSyncEnabledEnables synchronization for "Close date" field.
isProductRowExportEnabledChecks, if product export by rows is enabled.
prepareViewListItemsPrepares list items for selecting view form.
setDefaultListViewIDSets view form ID for the list of deals.
setOpenedFlagSets flag for "Accessible to all (default)" settings.

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