\Bitrix\Crm\Conversion namespace contains classes for CMR entity conversion.

Class Description Available from version
DealConversionMapper Handles deal, invoice or quote fields mapping during conversion
DealConversionWizard Supports deal conversion into invoice or quote using invoice/quote edit form.
DealConverter Handles deal conversion methods
EntityConversionMap Handles entity conversion maps.
EntityConversionMapper Base class handles first and second entity fields mapping when converting first entity into the second.
LeadConversionMapper Handles lead, contact or company fields mapping during conversion.
LeadConverter Handling lead conversion methods.
LeadConversionWizard Supports lead to contact or company conversion via contact/company edit form.
QuoteConversionMapper Handles quote fields and invoice or deal mapping during conversion.
QuoteConversionWizard Handles quote conversion into invoice or deal via invoice/deal edit form.
QuoteConverter handles quote conversion methods.

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