Class handles table with SPA pipelines.

Find more about pipelines in the new API.

Inheritance chain

Descendant to class Bitrix\Main\ORM\Data\DataManager.

\Bitrix\Crm\Model\ItemCategoryTable extends \Bitrix\Main\ORM\Data\DataManager

Table fields

Field Description Required
ENTITY_TYPE_IDType ID in CRM. Invariable parameter: it can be specified only when creating an entity.
IS_DEFAULTFlag for default pipeline. Set of pipelines with the same ENTITY_TYPE_ID can contain only single entity with IS_DEFAULT = 'Y'.
CREATED_DATEPipeline creation date.
NAMEPipeline name.
SORTSorting index.

Presently the table is used for storage of SPA pipelines only.

Pipeline cannot be deleted if this pipeline is default or at least a single element is attached to this pipeline.

Scripts are launched after new pipeline is created in onAfterAdd.

Class methods

Field value generation

MethodDescription Available from version
public static function deleteByEntityTypeId(
    int $entityTypeId
): Result
Method deletes all entries, binded to the $entityTypeId.

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