Object for field settings form



Method Description Available from version
constructor(params: {}) Constructor.


  • userField - object UserField, for displayed settings form;
  • onSave - callback after saving the form;
  • onCancel - callback after clicking the Cancel button.
render(): Element Method renders settings form and returns DOM-node for it.
saveField(): UserField Method saves field parameters from the form and returns the object.
renderEnumeration(): Element Method renders values for List property type and returns DOM-node.
addEnumInput(item: ?{}) Method adds new value into the List property type.
  • item - object with value description
    • value - value;
    • id - identifier.
deleteEnumItem(item: EnumItem) Method deletes item value from list.
  • item - object [`EnumItem`](
renderOptions(): Element Method renders checkboxes.
saveEnumeration(userField: UserField, enumItems: EnumItem[]) Method saves enumItems values in the object userField.

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