Description and methods

Class for rendering elements that are comments.


Descendant to element base class.

Contains an instance of comment editor.

Initially, element is rendered incompletely. Block with attached files is loaded via asynchronous event.

When comment text is long or contains text-inserted files, it loads when clicking on the button Expand.

Method Description Available from version
getCommendEditor(): CommentEditorReturns comment editor object.
switchToEditMode()Switches element in comment edit mode.
switchToViewMode()Switches element into viewing mode.
loadFilesContent()Uploads content of attached files.
loadContent()Uplaods full comment content.


Event Description
namespace: BX.UI.Timeline.Comment
onDeleteAsynchronous event. Thrown when deleting a comment.
  • commentId - comment ID.
  • message - error message.
onLoadFilesContentAsynchronous event. Thrown when loading attached files content.
  • commentId - comment ID.
onLoadContentAsynchronous event. Thrown when loading attached files full content.
  • commentId - comment ID.

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