Component bitrix:ui.button.panel displays panel with form submitting buttons. Attaches panel to the browser's window bottom.

How to use

Component must be connected inside the form. Standard case: inside component template for detail page.

Example for "Save" button display and for showing link to "Cancel" list:

<form action="/company/detail/1/">
        Name <input name="name">

        Last name <input name="last_name">
    <?$APPLICATION->IncludeComponent('bitrix:ui.button.panel', '', [
        'BUTTONS' => ['save', 'cancel' => '/company/list/']

Where /company/list/ - list path for "Cancel" link.

Operation principle

Solves routine tasks:

  • Adds waiting animation upon button click.
  • Displays standard set of buttons - Save and Cancel, if your own set of buttons is not specified.

Recognizes slide content.

Inside slider:

  • Attaches panel at the bottom.
  • Click on buttons "Cancel/Close" closes slider without switching to list page.

Standard page:

  • Attaches panel at the bottom. When page scrolling reaches the panel, panel is unattached.
  • Click on buttons "Cancel/Close" forwards to list page.

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