Attention! We strongly recommend first to learn more about Sites module REST documentation to understand how the module functions (with REST available in Bitrix24 Self-hosted editions). View this documentation as useful source when working with Bitrix24 Self-hosted editions and find out more details about API and only REST is not enough.

Layout templates describe specific site or page layouts and its components:

  • With header and footer
  • WIth sidebar
  • Variations of the above

Note, that page association is higher than to site (when both site and page are associated with different templates, page template layout will be displayed). Each area of such template is a separate page (with set of block and other similar characteristics).

Presently, system has a several preset templates and a third-party developer is unable to expand them.

Here is the list:

External code (XML_ID) Name
empty Empty
sidebar_left With sidebar to the left
sidebar_right With sidebar to the right
header_footer With header and footer
without_left Without left sidebar
without_right Without right sidebar

Please note, that template IDs are not indicated here. However, ID must be specified when passing to a site or page. TO retrieve ID directly, use the method Template::getList. You will get list of IDs specifically for your Bitrix24 account.

See Also:

  1. Creating main site template
  2. Creating site and page templates - presently such option is available only using REST.

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