BaseValues base class for handling values for calculate inherited properties.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
clearValuesClears entity values fro database cache.
createTemplateEntityCreates entity used for templates.
deleteValuesDeletes inherited property values. Must be called when deleting inherited property template.
getIblockIdReturns iblock ID for an entity.
getIdReturns entity unique ID.
getParentReturns entity's first parent, if exist. Otherwise, returns null.
getParentsReturns all parents for an entity.
getTypeReturns entity type to be stored in database.
getValueReturns value of inherited property with code $propertyCode. Result - encoded html-string.
getValuesReturns all values of calculated inherited properties for an entity.
getValueTableNameReturns table name containing saved values of inherited calculated properties.
hasTemplatesChecks for available calculated properties' templates for set of values.
queryValuesQueries inherited properties' templates for an entity and processes them to get calculated values.
queueMarks an element or section for a query from database.

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