MobileDetect class for handling mobile device context.

Class Description Available from version
checkHttpHeadersForMobile Checks HTTP headers for available mobile devices.
getBrowsers Returns list of known browsers. Specifically, their User Agent.
getHttpHeader Gets a specific header.
getHttpHeaders Returns a HTTP headers.
getMobileDetectionRules Gets rules for detecting mobile devices.
getMobileDetectionRulesExtended Gets list of rules for detecting mobile devices and service programs.
getOperatingSystems Returns list of mobile operating systems.
getPhoneDevices Returns list of known mobile devices.
getProperties Returns array of parameters.
getRules Returns current set of rules.
getScriptVersion Gets current script version.
getTabletDevices Returns list of known tablet devices.
getUaHttpHeaders Returns all possible HTTP headers that may contain string User-Agent.
getUserAgent Gets User-Agent.
getUserAgents Table of aliases for the method getBrowsers().
getUtilities Returns list of known service programs.
is Checks userAgent for specific available attribute.
isMobile Checks for available mobile phones.
isTablet Checks for available tablet.
match Compares regular user expressions with string User Agent.
mobileGrade Gets mobile grade by using constants self::MOBILE_GRADE_*.
prepareVersionNo Prepares version number.
setDetectionType Set one of detection types: self::DETECTION_TYPE_MOBILE или self::DETECTION_TYPE_EXTENDED.
setHttpHeaders Sets HTTP headers.
setUserAgent Sets User-Agent на использование.
version Checks version for this parameter in User-Agent.
__call Detects unavailable methods.
MobileDetect Constructor Creates a class instance.

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