Blogs in the old core


List of Blogs module classes in the old core

ClassDescriptionAvailable from version
[link=6652221]CBlog[/link] Class handles blogs.
[link=6652294]CBlogCandidate[/link] Class handles candidates to be blog friends.
[link=6652336]CBlogCategory[/link] Class handles blog post categories.
[link=6652350]CBlogComment[/link] Class handles blog post comments.
[link=6652377]CBlogGroup[/link] Class handles blog groups.
[link=6653094]CBlogPost[/link] Class handles blog posts.
[link=6656887]CBlogSitePath[/link] Class handles path to public section of blogs.
[link=6656908]CBlogTrackBack[/link] Class handles blog posts TrackBacks.
[link=6657245]CBlogUser[/link] Class handles blog users.
[link=6656911]CBlogUserGroup[/link] Class handles blog user groups.
[link=6652213]blogTextParser[/link] Class to format blog posts.


List of Blogs module events in the old core

Class Description Available from version
[link=6652135]OnBeforeBlogAdd[/link] before adding a blog. [link=6652248]CBlog::Add[/link]
[link=6652376]OnBlogAdd[/link] when adding a blog. [link=6652248]CBlog::Add[/link]
[link=6652139]OnBeforeBlogUpdate[/link] before modifying a blog. [link=6652277]CBlog::Update[/link]
[link=6652198]OnBlogUpdate[/link] when modifying a blog. [link=6652277]CBlog::Update[/link]
[link=6652137]OnBeforeBlogDelete[/link] before deleting a blog. [link=6652261]CBlog::Delete[/link]
[link=6652197]OnBlogDelete[/link] when deleting a blog. [link=6652261]CBlog::Delete[/link]
OnBeforeCommentAdd before adding a comment. [link=6652351]CBlogComment::Add[/link]
OnBeforeCommentDelete before deleting a comment. Text of the error, registered in this event handler, is displayed in the activity stream interface. [link=6652352]CBlogComment::Delete[/link]
OnBeforeCommentUpdate before modifying a comment. [link=6652355]CBlogComment::Update[/link]
OnBeforePostAdd before adding a comment. [link=6653095]CBlogPost::Add[/link]
OnBeforePostDelete before deleting a blog post. [link=6653111]CBlogPost::Delete[/link]
OnBeforePostUpdate before modifying a blog post. [link=6653148]CBlogPost::Update[/link]
OnCommentAdd when adding a comment. [link=6652351]CBlogComment::Add[/link]
OnCommentDelete when deleting a comment. [link=6652352]CBlogComment::Delete[/link]
OnCommentUpdate when modifying a comment. [link=6652355]CBlogComment::Update[/link]
OnPostAdd when adding a blog post. [link=6653095]CBlogPost::Add[/link]
OnPostDelete when deleting a blog post. [link=6653111]CBlogPost::Delete[/link]
OnPostUpdate when modifying a blog post. [link=6653148]CBlogPost::Update[/link]
videoConvert when converting a video. blogTextParser::blogConvertVideo
BlogImageSize when converting a tag of the
[IMG ID=12345]
type into a string of <img .../> type
OnBeforePostUserFieldUpdate after modifying/adding a blog post to a blog, bit before updating user properties. [link=6653148]CBlogPost::Update[/link]
OnBlogPostMentionNotifyIm after sending of a reminder notification about the blog post/comment. CBlogPost::NotifyIm


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