Blog Module Table Structure


Field Description
ID Blog ID.
NAME Blog name.
DESCRIPTION Blog description.
DATE_CREATE Date when blog was created.
DATE_UPDATE Date when blog was modified last.
ACTIVE Blog activity flag.
OWNER_ID User - blog owner ID.
URL Blog address.
GROUP_ID Blog group ID.
ENABLE_COMMENTS Flag - whether comments in blog are permitted.
ENABLE_IMG_VERIF Flag - whether to use CAPTCHA for anonymous comments.
ENABLE_RSS Flag - whether export to the blog RSS is permitted.
LAST_POST_ID The ID of the last blog post.
LAST_POST_DATE Date of the latest blog post.
AUTO_GROUPS Open groups.
EMAIL_NOTIFY Flag - specifies whether to send emails with new comments, messages.

Blog posts

Field Description
ID Blog post ID.
TITLE Blog post header.
BLOG_ID Blog post ID.
AUTHOR_ID ID of the blog post author - site user.
CODE Blog post code.
DETAIL_TEXT Blog post text.
DATE_CREATE Blog post creation date.
DATE_PUBLISH Date when blog post was published.
KEYWORDS Blog post keywords.
PUBLISH_STATUS Blog post status. Values: P - comment is visible, K - comment is hidden.
CATEGORY_ID Blog post category ID.
ATRIBUTE Blog post attributes.
ENABLE_TRACKBACK Flag - specifies whether trackbacks are enabled for this blog post.
ENABLE_COMMENTS Flag - whether comments are permitted for this blog post.
NUM_COMMENTS Number of comments to the blog post.
NUM_TRACKBACKS Number of trackbacks to the blog post.

Comments blog posts

Field Description
ID Comment ID.
POST_ID Blog post ID.
PARENT_ID Parent comment ID.
AUTHOR_ID ID of the user - comment author.
ICON_ID Comment icon ID.
AUTHOR_NAME Name of the anonymous comment author.
AUTHOR_EMAIL Email of the anonymous comment author.
AUTHOR_IP IP of the comment author.
AUTHOR_IP1 IP of the comment author.
DATE_CREATE Date when comment was created.
TITLE Comment header.
POST_TEXT Comment text.

Blog groups

Field Description
ID Group ID.
NAME Group name.
SITE_ID Group site ID.

Trackbacks for blog posts

Field Description
ID Trackback ID.
TITLE Trackback header.
URL Trackback address.
PREVIEW_TEXT Trackback text.
BLOG_NAME Blog name.
POST_DATE Date when blog post was created.
POST_ID Blog post ID.

Blog users

Field Description
ID Blog user ID.
USER_ID Site user ID.
ALIAS Blog user alias.
DESCRIPTION Blog user description.
AVATAR Blog user avatar.
INTERESTS Blog user interests.
LAST_VISIT Date of the last visit.
DATE_REG Blog user registration date.
ALLOW_POST Flag. It determines, whether user is permitted to create blog posts.

Blog user groups

Field Description
ID Blog user group ID.
NAME Blog user group name.
BLOG_ID User group blog ID.

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