RestActivityTable is a standard ORM table for storage and managing data for REST actions.

Class Description Available from version
getFilePath Returns path to file containing class description.
getMap Returns list of fields with types.
getTableName Returns database table name for current entity.
validateAppId Returns validators for the field APP_ID.
validateCode Returns validators for the field CODE.
validateHandler HANDLER.

REST actions data table

Field Description Type Required
ID Identifierint N
APP_ID Application ID.varchar(128) Y
APP_NAME Application name. text Y
CODE Unique action code within the app.varchar(128) Y
INTERNAL_CODE Internal code.varchar(32) Y
HANDLER handler code.varchar(1000) Y
AUTH_USER_ID User ID, which authorisation will be used for action REST queries. int N
USE_SUBSCRIPTION Subscription flag for event action. When set as Y workflow stops and waits for response from an application. When nothing is set, user can install the required value in the workflow designer. char(1) N
NAME Action name. text Y
DESCRIPTION Action description.text N
PROPERTIES Parameters.text N
RETURN_PROPERTIES Returned values. text N
DOCUMENT_TYPE Element type. text N
FILTER Rules for showing an action (action can be shown/displayed in the workflow designer for specific modules, element types and editions). text N

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