The event is raised when a call is being initialized (regarding the entry or start of an outbound call).

Please note that the event will be raised without authorization data.

The following data array will be submitted to the event:
Parameter Description
CALL_ID Call identifier.
CALL_TYPE Call type (see Call Type Description).
ACCOUNT_SEARCH_ID Line ID (numeric for leased PBX, regXXX for cloud hosted PBX, and sipXXX for office PBX).
PHONE_NUMBER Number called by the operator (if call type is: 1 – Outbound) or number called by the subscriber (if call type is: 2 – Inbound).
CALLER_ID Line identifier (if call type is: 1 – Outbound) or telephone number used to make a call to the portal (if call type is: 2 – Inbound).

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