Methods to handle Page Entity

Method Description Available from version
landing.landing.publication Publishes a landing page.
landing.landing.unpublic Removes landing page from publication.
landing.landing.add Adds landing page.
landing.landing.delete Deletes landing page.
landing.landing.getadditionalfields Gets additional fields for a landing page
landing.landing.getlist Gets list of landing pages.
landing.landing.getpreview Returns path to the page preview.
landing.landing.getpublicurl Returns web-address of the landing page.
landing.landing.removeEntities Deletes the landing page binded entities.
landing.landing.update Updates landing page.
landing.landing.copy Copies the specified landing page.
landing.landing.markDelete Marks landing page as deleted.
landing.landing.markUnDelete Marks landing page undeleted.
landing.landing.addByTemplate Adds landing page to a template.
landing.landing.move Moves page to another site and/or folder.
landing.landing.resolveIdByPublicUrl Returns page ID by passed page relative URL.
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