Page Entity Additional Fields

When landing page fields are identical to site fields, the landing page fields have higher priority.

To read fields, use the landing.landing.getadditionalfields method.

Attnation! Below field codes that must be indicated in the array with the key 'ADDITIONAL' to write into an entity. For example, ADDITIONAL_FIELDS => [METAROBOTS_INDEX => Y].

Field Description ReadWrite
THEME_CODEColor palette. Color theme description Yes Yes
THEME_CODE_TYPO Fonts settings. Yes Yes
Preview in social networks
METAOG_TITLETitle. Tag og:title.Yes Yes
METAOG_DESCRIPTIONDescription, tag og:description. Yes Yes
METAOG_IMAGEImage, tag og:image. Yes Yes
METAMAIN_USEIndicate meta-tags: Y / N. Yes Yes
METAMAIN_TITLETitle, tag: title. Yes Yes
METAMAIN_DESCRIPTIONDescription, tag: description. Yes Yes
METAMAIN_KEYWORDSKeywords, tag: keywords. Yes Yes
Background image
BACKGROUND_USEEnable feature use: Y / N Yes Yes
BACKGROUND_PICTUREPath to image. Yes Yes
BACKGROUND_POSITIONAlignment: center (stretch), repeat (tile). Yes Yes
BACKGROUND_COLORBackground color. Yes Yes
YACOUNTER_USEUse Yandex.Metrics: Y / N. Yes Yes
YACOUNTER_COUNTERYandex.Metrics counter code. Yes Yes
GACOUNTER_USEUse Google Analytics: Y / N. Yes Yes
GACOUNTER_COUNTERGoogle Analytics counter code. Yes Yes
GACOUNTER_SEND_CLICKSend data on clicks on buttons and links to Google Analytics. Yes Yes
GACOUNTER_SEND_SHOWSend data on page block views to Google Analytics. Yes Yes
GTM_USE Use Google Tag Manager. Yes Yes
GTM_COUNTERGoogle Tag Manager Code. Yes Yes
User HTML and CSS
HEADBLOCK_USEEnable use: Y / N. Yes Yes
HEADBLOCK_CODEHEAD Block, random html. Yes Yes
Пользовательский CSS
CSSBLOCK_CODERandom CSS code. Yes Yes
CSSBLOCK_FILELink to CSS file. Yes Yes
Landing page presentation view
VIEW_USEEnable view: Y / N. Yes Yes
VIEW_TYPEType of presented view: no (without view), ltr (margin at the upper and lateral sides), all (margin at all sides). Yes Yes
METAROBOTS_INDEXLanding page indexing in the search systems: Y / N. Yes Yes

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