Page Entity Fields

Method Description ReadWrite
ID Landing page ID. Created automatically and is unique within database. YesNo
CODE Unique symbol code for the landing page. Added to the website address, if it is not the main page. Required fields. YesYes
RULE Regular expression to display landing page as per mask. For example, the rule section/([\d]+) for the landing page in the site root responds to all landing page type /section/<n>/, where <n> - any number. YesNo
ACTIVE Landing page active status: Y / N. YesYes
DELETED The flag of deleted landing page Entities marked as deleted are not available in any query. The system will not identify them. You can access such entities via REST only by directly specifying in filtration DELETED=Y. : Y / N. YesYes
TITLE Landing page name. Required field. YesYes
XML_ID External key for developer needs. Not used by the service. YesYes
DESCRIPTION Unspecified landing page description. Displayed in the list of landing pages. YesYes
SITE_ID ID for the site, to which the page is attached. Required field. YesYes
CREATED_BY_ID ID for the user who created landing page. YesNo
MODIFIED_BY_ID ID of the user who modified landing page. YesNo
DATE_CREATE Creation date.YesNo
DATE_MODIFY Modification date. YesNo
SITEMAP Landing page is available in sitemap (/sitemap.xml), Y / N. YesYes
FOLDER Flag that specifies page as folder (Y / N). Page-folder fully behaves as a standard page except it can contain other pages. Subfolders folders are not allowed. YesYes
FOLDER_ID ID of the folder that contains the landing page. Subfolders folders are not allowed. YesYes
TPL_ID ID of the page view template. YesYes
TPL_CODE ID of the third-party partner's solution, based on which the site was created. For example, bitrix.eshop. YesNo

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