This method returns to the app the first in the queue offline events, according to the filter settings.

Method parameters

Method Description Type
filter Records filter. By default, all records are passed, without filtration. Filtration by fields is supported: ID,
with the standard operation types =, >, <, <= and etc.
order Records sorting. Sorting by the same fields, as in the filter is supported. Array type [field=>ASC|DESC] is received on input. By default - [TIMESTAMP_X:ASC]. array
limit Quantity of selected records. By default is 50. int

Additional parameters

Method Description
clear Values: 0|1 - option to delete selected records. By default - 1
process_id Process ID. It is used, if it is necessary to repeatedly select records that have not yet been handled by the current process.
error Values: 0|1 - option to return erroneous records (see. below). By default - 0.

This method supports multithreaded parsing. It means, that several parallel requests to /rest/event.offline.get are permitted (with compliance to limitation on the number of requests per unit of time). Each of such records will receive different sets of records.

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